About the PMCC(4th Watch)


Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) is a worldwide Pentecostal Missionary Christian Church. The Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) was founded in 1973 in the Philippines. It has also expanded overseas with the establishment of  churches in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and Australia. PMCC (4th Watch) is in over 40 countries

The Church is devoted to service unto the Lord by being faithful stewards of talents and the different ministries entrusted to its members. Part of the church's activities are the daily early morning prayers and meditation on the word of God, weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings and the worship service every Sunday.

The church faithfully adheres to the observance of the Holy Communion. It observes both component - the bread and the fruit of the vine - every Sunday. Like the disciples in the early church,the Sunday worship is highlighted by the Holy Communion, representing the body and blood of Christ.

The PMCC (4th Watch) is not limited to religious undertakings. It conducts projects directed at uplifting the lives of the people. PMCC 4th Watch regularly holds medical missions in the different cities and provinces in the Philippines. It is also able to undertake social services in its foreign churches as well. Through projects like this, the church is able to do its part in addressing this problem. Another form of social service of PMCC 4th Watch is in the field of education. It helps fund the education of poor but deserving students through the ATF Scholarship Foundation.